Castor oil packs for healing after a caesarian section

You may be recovering from a caesarean birth and not thinking about more than just healing from the surgery and looking after your newborn baby. 

However, there are several complications from caesarean birth that can be avoided if treated early on. 

Possible complications from caesarean birth: 

  • Pain and discomfort around the incision
  • Fertility issues 
  • Placenta may attach to the uterine scar in a future pregnancy and cause complications
  • Higher risk of miscarriage in future pregnancies

The most likely cause of these complications is scarring and adhesions. Since adhesions affect most people who have had abdominal surgery it makes sense to take preventative steps to avoid problems and discomfort in the future. 

It’s important to note that the external physical appearance of the scar doesn’t give any indication to the level of scarring or adhesions internally.

אידוי וגינאלי אחרי בדיקת רפואית כאבים אחרי בדיקת וגינאלי

What are adhesions and scar tissue?


שמנים אתרים הקלת על כאבי ווסת כאסי מחזור

Adhesions are thin sheets of scar tissue that join two pieces of tissue that normally would not be joined.

Adhesions can attach to other tissue and organs in the lower abdomen, including the bladder, intestines, bowel or anywhere in the pelvic bowl causing pain, urinary or bowel dysfunction, fertility challenges, and other disorders in the pelvic floor. 

In addition to Sobada abdominal massage based on the work of Rosita Arvigo and traditionally called Maya Abdominal massage or womb massage, castor oil packs are a great way of treating scarring and adhesions and preventing future complications. 

Why use a castor oil pack? 

Castor Oil helps to: 

  • breaks down scar tissue and adhesions 
  • reduces pain and inflammation
  • encourages the growth of new tissue
  • assists with digestive and reproductive health issues
  • stimulates the lymphatic system to activate the immune system and flush excess fluids out of the body
  • supports the liver and gallbladder in your body’s detoxification process

How often do you need to use castor oil packs? 

You will get the best results from using castor oil packs regularly as their impact is cumulative. Two months of use several times per week can have an enormous impact and although it’s a commitment to do it, it’s well worth it. 

You can feel the healing effects of castor oil packs after the first time you do it but the benefits will accrue over time.

How does castor oil heal scar tissue and dissolve adhesions naturally? 

The fatty acids in castor oil are deeply moisturising to the skin. They help to soften adhesions and allow new skin cells to regenerate. Castor has been used for centuries in traditional medicine as it improves the flow of lymph in the body. Lymph is responsible for removing pathogens and waste products from the body. Your body’s immune system is activated which leads to healing. 

How soon after a caesarean can you use castor oil packs? 

Ideally you want to wait 6 weeks after a caesarean surgery and to make sure the scar is fully healed before starting castor oil packs. 

Note: If you’re breastfeeding, watch your baby carefully to check your castor oil packs don’t affect his/her bowel movements. If you think it’s affecting your baby then stop the castor oil packs until your baby is older and then you can try again. 

שמן קיק לבעיות פוריות, כאבי וסת, כאבי מחזור, אנדומטריוזיס, כאבי ביוץ

What else can help prevent issues after a caesarean birth? 

Abdominal massage is one of the best ways I know to nurture yourself after pregnancy and birth but especially caesarean birth. 

As well as treating my clients with Sobada abdominal massage, I teach my clients how to massage their own bellies at home to continue to receive the many benefits of abdominal massage. The massage helps to break down scar tissue and adhesions and improve blood flow to the area which supports healing. 

You can learn the self care massage techniques in a private treatment with me or in a group class. 

You can find all the details on how to use a castor oil pack here.

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