What to expect from a Reflexology treatment

A warm foot bath…..

I start my reflexology sessions with a warm foot bath. This cleans your feet, is relaxing and gives us a chance to discuss the reason for your visit and your health history. In subsequent sessions, this is a chance for you to update me on improvements and changes you have experienced since the last treatment and any other concerns you may have.

Getting settled on the table

Once your feet are dried, I’ll ask you to lie on the massage table fully clothed. Your head and feet with be slightly elevated and cushions placed under your knees for support.

Pregnant clients who aren’t comfortable lying on their backs can lie of their sides. I have lots of pillows to make sure you are comfortable. If you need to change position during a treatment that is perfectly fine.

I cover my clients with a light sheet, towel or blanket during the treatment to give a feeling of security and relaxation. Once you are settled, the relaxing music starts and the hands-on part of the treatment begins.

You can rest or talk during the session according to how you feel. If you fall asleep during the session, you will still receive the benefits of the treatment (in addition to a nap!)

Feedback during the session is encouraged. If an area is very painful, please tell me although to be honest, I can usually feel it. 

Hand reflexology

The map of the body is reflected in the hands as well as the feet. I start by massaging your arms up to your elbow and then concentrate on both sides of your hands, applying relaxing reflexology techniques on each side of your hand and your fingers. You’ll be feeling very relaxed at this stage but there’s still more….

Foot reflexology

I begin working on your feet by massaging up to your knees (or as far as your clothing allows). I warm up your feet by massaging all over and using some gentle reflexology relaxation techniques (some practitioners call these ‘desserts’ and you’ll understand why when you experience them). During each treatment, I work your entire foot usually starting at the toes and working down the foot.

I then cover all the different body systems on the feet with reflexology techniques and concentrate on any areas of concern that were raised in our initial conversation.

And after the treatment?

When I’m finished, you can rest a few minutes before slowly getting up. I’ll give you a glass of water to drink and you’ll tell me how you feel and we’ll schedule your next appointment.

It was fun, right?