Posterior uterus

Your uterus is held together in your pelvis by ligaments. This gives it the ability to move in order to allow for normal body functions like peeing, pooping, menstruation, ovulation and the greatest period of change and movement for the uterus – pregnancy.

What is a posterior uterus? Ideally, your uterus is sitting closer to the front of your body (anterior) just above your bladder, than the back of your body (posterior).

When your uterus is twisted back in a posterior position it is leaning back towards your spine and may be pressing on your intestines and possibly causing lower back pain, digestive issues and period pain.

What causes a retroverted or posterior uterus? 

You were born with it: The conventional belief is that women are born with their uterus in this position.

A fall or blow during childhood: traditional healers including my teachers believe that the cause is often a fall or blow to the lower back during childhood. Two of the ligaments supporting your uterus attach to your sacrum, the triangle shaped bone at the base of your spine. A fall or blow where the ligament attaches to the spine can cause the ligaments to pull the uterus back towards the spine. Adhesions and/or scar tissues that form in the area follow a fall or injury mean the uterus becomes fixed in place.

Endometriosis and/or recurring pelvic infections: either of these situations can cause adhesions in your pelvis that affect the ligaments supporting your uterus and can pull the uterus from it’s natural position in the front of your pelvis. 


Surgery: Whenever tissue is cut, the body forms scar tissue so any kind of lower back surgery or pelvic surgery could also cause adhesions and/or scar tissue on the ligaments holding the uterus and cause the uterus to move to a posterior or retroverted position. 

How is a retroverted or posterior uterus identified or diagnosed? 

Your doctor or ultrasound technician may tell you verbally or write on the ultrasound summary that your uterus is in a posterior position. You may also suspect this is the case based on your symptoms.

What symptoms can you expect if your uterus is posterior or retroverted? 

When your uterus is not in optimal position, the concern is that the blood supply to the uterus and other pelvic organs is compromised. 

Blood carries oxygen, hormones, hormones and other substances that are critical for every organs function, it also carries away waste products from cells. 

As result, this can cause painful periods, fertility problems and pain during sex.

Painful periods: During menstruation, your uterus contracts to release the innermost layer of the uterus, the endometrium which built up during your cycle. Imagine your uterus trying to contract while contorted in an uncomfortable position. It’s not surprising that it’s painful. 

Fertility problems: Any situation which affects the blood supply to the uterus and ovaries can potentially lead to fertility issues whether it’s related to the inability to ovulate, lower egg quality because of the reduced blood supply to the ovaries. Sometimes, ovulation may be unaffected but the uterine position prevents the pregnancy from progressing once the foetus reaches a certain size. 

Pain during sex: Sex can be painful when the uterus is retroverted because each thrust into the vagina may be unintentionally pressing against the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Some positions may be comfortable while others, usually those that encourage deeper penetration may be painful. 

Back pain: remember those ligaments I mentioned earlier that attach from the spine to the uterus? Sometimes the tension and pulling on the area where they attach to the spine can also cause back pain, specifically lower back pain. 

Constipation: If the uterus is tilted back and is leaning on the intestines, it can cause constipation. Many women in this situation find that the constipation worsens as their period approaches when the uterus is at its heaviest in the menstrual cycle. 

How can we treat a posterior uterus?


Firstly, it can help to know that it’s possible to encourage the uterus back to a better position and relieve many, if not all of the related symptoms because the underlying issue is the adhesions and lack of good flow in the abdomen. 

Using abdominal massage, we can improve the blood flow to the area allowing the body to release waste products and improve function of all the organs in the pelvis. 

When the uterus and fallopian tubes can move more freely we usually see na improvement in overall fertility, improved egg quality and less painful periods and less back pain.

Is a posterior uterus always a problem?

Many women have a posterior or retroverted uterus without even knowing and for many of them it’s not a problem at all. However, if you suffer from any of the symptoms of a posterior uterus then the important thing to know is that it is possible to treat it.

I’m a holistic therapist and I am here to help you!


I love helping women to overcome their fertility challenges and other issues related to your cycles, pregnancy, periods and/or anxiety. 

I treat women with abdominal and womb massage techniques known as Sobada (formally the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage) and reflexology.

I’m also an Advanced EFT Tapping practitioner and I work with women in particular issues around anxiety, depression, stress levels. 

I teach Fertility Awareness to help women better know their bodies and improve their chances of conceiving or prevent pregnancy naturally.     

I live in Modi’in, Israel and that’s where I spend my days helping women during their fertile years, pregnancy, menopause and other hormonal conditions. Bodywork sessions (massage and reflexology take place in my clinic in Modi’in but EFT Tapping sessions and Fertility Awareness education can take place online or in person).

Learn more about working with me here.


I went through such a journey with Annette. I came here because i couldn’t get pregnant. During the process of healing a lot of pain, I fell pregnant and gave birth to a wonderful son. 

I came back to Annette again after the birth for some peace and quiet and an hour to myself once a week which allowed me to feel more present also at home. 

Annette is a wonderful person. She is so present and is wonderful at holding space and she brings healing in a simple and easy way which is really amazing and shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

I feel like every woman needs a space where she is able to heal herself and give herself an hour of peace, quiet, love and for me Annette is the perfect address. 

A huge thank you and so much appreciation that I came to you and gave myself these treatments. 

Sveta, Rehovot

Dear Annette, there are no words to thank you and appreciate you enough for everything you have done for us. Because of you we were able to bring life to the world and we will always be so appreciative to you. Wishing you and your family a wonderful year with blessing, health, happiness and joy.

Ya’ara and family, Modi'in

Annette, I came to you after a recommendation from a friend because I was feeling stressed about not falling pregnant. After two treatment I was pregnant! After each treatment, I had a feeling of energy, relaxation and quiet.

Naomi, Modi’in

I went to see Annette because we had problems conceiving. I really enjoyed the treatments, especially her kindness, her true desire to help and her optimism that we can succeed. Arvigo treatments are the best. As a result of the treatments my period has stabilised and we are ready for the new baby 🙂 . I've already recommended it to a couple of friends who have fertility problems. I think that the chances are high and it's not painful and absolutely natural. 

Elena, Modi’in

I went to Annette for treatment because of very painful periods and general stress. Her treatments (Sobada and reflexology) relaxed me and there has been a significant reduction in pain when I get my period. I would recommend Annette’s treatments. The self-care treatment she taught me to do at home lets me relax and connect with my body. This time out itself is helpful in addition to the massage which touched all the right spots. Really effective and worthwhile. Thank you!

N.C., Modi'in

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