Pregnancy anxiety

It’s possible to feel calm and confident even during a high risk pregnancy

Maybe you thought once you conceived everything would be okay but now you discover there is a whole new level of anxiety. 

If only once you got pregnant, the next nine months would pass smoothly. In reality there is nausea, insomnia, aches and pains and for many women worries about a potential miscarriage, worries about the health of the baby and possibly dealing with the stress and anxiety of a high risk pregnancy. 

All of which can impact on your energy levels, your mood, your sleep, your relationships and your productivity not to mention the wellbeing of your baby.

So how can you improve the way you feel physically and emotionally during pregnancy? 


You can release your fears and find the strength and optimism to enjoy your pregnancy even under challenging circumstances. 

EFT Tapping is a very effective tool to help reduce your stress and anxiety, release the deep seated fears you may be too scared to even admit to and help with the physical symptoms of pregnancy.

There are so many ways EFT Tapping can help you during pregnancy:

  • dramatically reduce your stress and help you feel calmer and more confident
  • connect to the baby in spite of it being a high risk pregnancy
  • cope with uncertainties about your baby’s health
  • make lifestyle and nutrition changes to support your health during the pregnancy
  • release trauma from previous births or miscarriages that may be causing you stress
  • reduce physical pain and discomfort during pregnancy
  • increase general energy and wellbeing
  • help with mood swings

What is EFT Tapping? 

One of the most effective tools I have found is the Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT (also called Tapping). EFT is a mind-body technique using a gentle tapping technique on specific points on the face, upper body and hands.

The points that are being tapped on during an EFT Tapping session are points on meridians - the energy pathways that were mapped out by Chinese Medicine and have been in use for thousands of years. 

While related to acupuncture, EFT does not use needles. Instead, we use a simple two pronged process wherein we:

  • mentally "tune in" to specific issues while 
  • stimulating certain meridian points on the body by tapping on them with our fingertips. 

Using EFT Tapping you can eliminate negative emotions that are not serving you and can help you change how you feel physically and emotionally. It works quickly, painlessly and extremely effectively to reduce physical pain and negative emotions. 

In many cases, EFT works much more quickly and effectively than years of traditional therapy. 

EFT can be applied directly to physical symptoms for relief without exploring any emotional contributors. However, for the most powerful, longest lasting results with EFT Tapping, we do expect to identify and target related emotional issues. This is done gently and can provide immense relief without being triggering. 

EFT can be used on small every day annoyances and negative feelings and has also been used successfully in cases of post-trauma stress disorder and cases of extreme anxiety. It's also 100% safe to use during pregnancy. 

Whatever your challenge may be, I feel confident that EFT Tapping can help you.

EFT Tapping is an effective technique to: 

  • manage your stress while trying to conceive
  • reduce physical pain
  • improve your mood and have a great day 

How support with Annette works

Wherever you may be located, we can meet online in private, one-to-one sessions via Zoom where you will be welcomed into a safe and confidential space. If you live near me, you are welcome in my clinic, located in South Buchman, Modi’in, Israel. 

I’ll take time to listen to your fertility story, then guide you using different EFT Tapping techniques to successfully reduce stress and address any emotional issues relating to your own unique situation.

You’ll leave our sessions feeling uplifted and positive, ready to take on challenges and feeling connected to your inner strength.

Having faced my own fertility challenges before becoming a mother to my two girls, I know what it’s like to be where you are now. Within our sessions, I create a space for the healing and transformation that I know is possible for you.

My Approach:  

Real and practical: I like to keeps things real and practical in my sessions. Even though, we are working with energy, I keep our sessions extremely grounded so you leave with tangible results. 

I may give you a small piece of homework like a Tapping script to use at home to reinforce what we worked on together. 

Privacy: Whether we are working together in my clinic in Modi'in or via Zoom, I value your privacy and never share any details of who I work with or the content of what comes up in our sessions. Occasionally, I share client wins and successes on social media, but it's always anonymous and without any identifying details. If you don’t want me to, just say so. 

Safe space: Our sessions are a safe space for you to express how you feel, get validated and to release anything that may be holding you back.

Long term change: I know that EFT Tapping can work quickly but I also know that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to long term change. I don't promise quick fixes but I'm open to them happening for you.

I’ve been working with women who are trying to conceive (both naturally and with the help of fertility treatments) for years so I know the rollercoaster of emotions involved. 

I also know that when you release some of the limiting beliefs you may have around your fertility and your ability to get pregnant and stay pregnant you increase your chances of that happening.


I’d heard of tapping for years and became interested in it. It was so much more than I expected. I feel a physical and emotional relief. My anxiety reduced greatly. 

Thank you so much for the tapping session. I look forward to doing it with my kids and as a tool for myself in the coming weeks. Thanks again. 

Hi Annette, Good morning, I’m just now finding time to write to you after the treatment a few days ago. It helped me sooo much. I can still feel the tapping on my skin. It felt so releasing and in the moment when it started to become difficult again on my own it really helped. Thank you so much. 

Tapping helped me so much! It really helped me clarify what I want.I feel so much better and so much calmer. Thank you, Annette.

Annette introduced me to the world of tapping and it helped me realise how much I can help myself to release and relax. Annette is a master!! She helped me connect to the good inside, to change my thinking and start thinking more positively. The tapping we have done together has been so powerful. I am only a few months pregnant and for various reasons it has been very stressful and there have been a lot of fears that the pregnancy may not continue. Annette has helped me connect to my baby even under these difficult circumstances and help me feel calmer and more confident about the future. 

Tapping was new to me before I tried it with Annette. Expressing some of my negative thoughts while tapping helped me release them and then find more positive thoughts. I feel like I found a tool to help myself on a day-to-day level. I’m so grateful for this work we did together. It’s profoundly impacted myself and my family and I use it often.  

It’s been really surprising how powerful tapping is and how deep the tapping gets, really fast. I feel like I “tapped into” some of my core issues and dealt with them in a really powerful way. The treatment was very focussed and practical which I didn’t expect. Thank you, Annette.

I feel relaxed and confident in myself and my ability to do things and usually I am scared or worried. My confidence grew quietly while we were tapping. Your gentle approach and quiet voice accompanied me and I am so grateful. 

Adina, Modi’in

EFT Tapping arrived just when I needed it. Annette helped me to peel away layers of protection and to release things that were weighing me down. After the treatment, sometimes I felt immediate relief and sometimes I felt tired and it took a bit longer to process the feelings and let them sink in. But in the end I always felt how each treatment helped me to move another step forward in my healing and to melt things that were weighing me down. Besides that I also learnt an amazing tool that I can use by myself in challenging moments and that is an amazing gift.

Mira, Modi’in

I’m a holistic therapist and I am here to help you!


I love helping women to overcome their fertility challenges and other issues related to your cycles, pregnancy, periods and/or anxiety. 

I treat women with abdominal and womb massage techniques known as Sobada (formally the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage) and reflexology.

I’m also an Advanced EFT Tapping practitioner and I work with women in particular issues around anxiety, depression, stress levels. 

I teach Fertility Awareness to help women better know their bodies and improve their chances of conceiving or prevent pregnancy naturally.     

I live in Modi’in, Israel and that’s where I spend my days helping women during their fertile years, pregnancy, menopause and other hormonal conditions. Bodywork sessions (massage and reflexology take place in my clinic in Modi’in but EFT Tapping sessions and Fertility Awareness education can take place online or in person).

Learn more about working with me here.

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