Tempdrop review 

Fertility Awareness is an amazing tool for learning more about your fertility and your cycles. However, anyone who has been practising it will tell you that taking your temperature every day first thing in the morning and after at least three hours of continuous sleep can be a challenge. Throw in a baby or child who still wakes at night or the need to go to the toilet during the night and a challenge becomes a huge obstacle to overcome. 

Never fear, you are not alone in facing this challenge and an Israeli company has developed a solution. Tempdrop is an armband with a thermometer that you wear on your upper arm while you sleep that measures your temperature throughout the night, learns your sleep patterns and determines your waking temperature using an algorithm. 

How does tempdrop work?

In practice, you place it on your upper arm before you go to sleep and then in the morning or anytime in the next three days you sync it with your phone. Iphone and android phones are supported and the app stores three days worth of temperatures. 

Essentially, Tempdrop replaces the traditional method of basal body temping and really reduces a lot of the stress out of cycle charting.

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Advantages of using Tempdrop:

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  • Relax about taking your waking temperature: the biggest advantage to using tempdrop is not having to think about taking your temperature first thing in the morning. Getting an accurate temperature first thing when you wake up means you can’t move, talk or fall back asleep while you stick a thermometer in your mouth and for many it’s not easy. Especially if your baby or child wakes you up, you either get up for them or miss taking your temperature accurately. 
  • Uninterrupted sleep: Even if you don’t get three hours continuous sleep during the night, you can get an accurate waking temperature. This is key if you’re the type who needs to get up to the toilet or children during the night. Tempdrop is also a good solution for shift workers who have unreliable sleep patterns
  • No need to wake at the same time: Reduces the importance of having to wake up at the same time every day in order to get an accurate waking temperature 
  • Fits all sizes: The Armband is now available in a larger size as well as the standard size and both armbands are adjustable and fit a range of sizes within their category. 
  • Long Lasting: while some tech solutions stop working or become obsolete within a year or two, I’ve had my tempdrop for four years and it’s still going strong. Although there have been developments and improvements along the way, the main one is not with the sensor but with the algorithm and the way your data is used. 
  • Use any Fertility Awareness App of your choice: Although Tempdrop now has an app that allows you to track all the signs associated with Fertility Awareness for an additional monthly fee in order to determine your fertile window, you don’t have to use the App. Personally, I sync my data to the Tempdrop app and then I pull the data in with the click of a button in the Read your Body app (my choice for tracking Fertility Awareness). The integration with Read your body is very convenient and I like determining my own fertile window based on the data rather than relying on an app.

    Note: I am only talking about using the Tempdrop wearable device and not the accuracy of the Tempdrop app for tracking Fertility Awareness in particular for avoiding pregnancy. I recommend you learn FAM and use Tempdrop to determine your waking temperature and make your own calculations on a paper chart or in the app of your choice rather than relying on the Tempdrop app or any other app to tell you when you are fertile or not. 

Disadvantages of the Tempdrop

  • Maximum three days data storage: You need to sync your data within three days otherwise you’ll lose it. Three days of data is the maximum the device can store. 
  • Armband issues: There were issues with the armband initially but the company has worked to fix those issues and now the small holder in the arm band that holds the device is much stronger and less likely to break and there are different armband options and two different size options. 
  • Getting used to wearing the Tempdrop device: It can take a little time to get used to sleeping with the armband. Personally it didn’t take me long at all and I don’t find it intrusive at all but I have heard from some others that it can be annoying. 
  • Price: It’s not cheap (current full price is US$215 but there is a 15% discount which reduces the price to US$179) especially if you compare it to the price of a regular basal body thermometer but I have had mine for several years so the cost per day is minimal at this stage. If you plan on using Fertility Awareness to achieve or avoid pregnancy it’s worth the investment especially since it lasts for many years and is so convenient. At this point it would be VERY challenging for me to go back to using a regular thermometer. 

Overall, I highly recommend Tempdrop for taking your waking body temperature because it makes life so much easier and if you’re planning on making Fertility Awareness part of your life, it’s a highly worthwhile investment. 

If you do decide to buy, use my referral code for an additional 10% discount. http://tempdrop.refr.cc/annetteg

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Frequently asked questions about using Tempdrop

Can you use Tempdrop if you have irregular cycles?

Yes! Tempdrop just determines your waking temperature and you can use that information to check if you ovulated. I find Fertility Awareness to be so helpful if you’re experiencing irregular cycles because it will help you know if you ovulated and when so you have a better idea of what is happening in your cycle. 

Will Tempdrop help me time sex better for conception?

Unfortunately, no. There are three primary fertile signs – temperature, cervical mucus and cervical position (optional). Your temperature rises after ovulation and confirms that you ovulated, however the best time for sex in order to conceive is just before you ovulate so the sperm is waiting in the fallopian tubes for the newly released egg. Once your temperature rises, it’s still possible to get pregnant but your chances are lower. So as important as your waking temperature is in tracking your fertility, it won’t help you predict ovulation. 


Learning to track your cervical mucus pattern is what will help you the most because as your fertile cervical mucus increases prior to ovulation it will give you lots of warning that you are about to ovulate. Your waking temperature will confirm once you have ovulated.

Can I use Tempdrop while postpartum?

Actually, the owner of Tempdrop developed it for his wife because she was trying to chart with a toddler who kept waking up so the answer is a resounding YES! Tempdrop will most likely help you get a useful chart for tracking your fertility even with broken sleep. 

How is Tempdrop better than using a regular basal body thermometer?

Tempdrop is continuously monitoring your temperature while you sleep and learns your patterns. Some women find their charts are a bit smoother with less jagged patterns of up and down temperatures, however the bottom line in my opinion is that Tempdrop is a lot more convenient for taking your basal body temperature. When I temped with a regular basal body thermometer I had charts that helped me determine I had ovulated and when but Tempdrop is just a much more convenient way of getting my temperature for FAM purposes. 

How long does it take for Tempdrop to learn my cycle?

I have seen women’s charts which were perfectly usable for Fertility Awareness in the very first month of using Tempdrop but on average expect it to take three months to learn your sleep patterns. The more you use it the more accurate it gets. 

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