Fertility Awareness is the simple art of tracking your fertile signs and it will change the way you appreciate your body forever. 

When you know how your body works you can use that knowledge to conceive naturally, avoid pregnancy without hormonal contraceptives and enjoy your menstrual cycle.


Learn to track your fertile signs

If you are trying to conceive, learning to recognise and chart your Fertile Signs can:

  • help you conceive faster by identifying your fertile window
  • understand why you haven’t conceived yet
  • help you avoid invasive and unnecessary diagnostic tests or fertility treatments

If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, the method can:

  • be an excellent and effective alternative to hormonal birth control
  • help you identify your fertile window
  • save money
  • preserve your future fertility by avoiding birth control methods which could damage your fertility

Make peace with your menstrual cycle:

  • recognise the monthly hormonal changes in your body
  • know with confidence when to expect your period
  • learn the food, movement and activities to suit every phase of the month
  • feel in sync with your cycle

Group sessions

Group sessions are available in person in Modi’in or online. The sessions are live and you connect via your computer/phone/tablet to a virtual classroom.

Find information about my Group programs here

Refresher sessions

If you have some background in Fertility Awareness and need a reminder of how to chart, I offer a private workshop to review the basics of tracking your Fertile Signs which includes ongoing support.

Fee: 1 class, 90 minutes, 330 NIS

Private sessions

I also offer private lessons to get you started charting your Fertile Signs, and learning how to use this information to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

These sessions can be in person in Modi’in or online. Online sessions are live and you connect via your computer/phone/tablet to a virtual classroom.

Fee: 2 classes, each 90 minutes, 650 NIS total. 

Client Feedback

I really liked Annette's great attitude. She was super helpful,  and encouraged everyone to feel open and comfortable.

By the end of the class, I had learned how to recognize my fertile signs better. 

I think that it crucial for women to know their bodies and how they work. It's the key to achieving/avoiding pregnancy. 

N.N., Jerusalem

The material was well explained with good visual aids in the slide shows. After the class, I feel more in tune with myself and aware of my physical and emotional needs. 
Before the class, I knew how to chart my temperature but learning about the fertile mucus has been the missing part in the puzzle for me. 

Annette was a great mentor to learn from. Thank you!

K.L., Jerusalem

I participated in Annette's Fertile Signs workshop and I felt like I learned a lot about myself and my body. I received answers to all sorts of questions I had that I had always just been told "this is the way it is".  The course was presented in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, each person could participate and share only what they felt comfortable with. Annette was endlessly patient to listen and answer questions. In addition to the theory, we were also able to practice analysing and interpreting different fertility charts in order to recognise different situations. The course gave me important information that every woman should have and I am sure that I will continue to benefit from it in the future.

Yael, Modi'in

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