Feedback from Fertile Signs workshop participants:

I highly recommend this course. I've just completed this course and it was highly insightful. I could not have learnt what I learnt on this course from a website or book. It was her unique and empathetic approach that ensured I can now go away and chart and feel confident about doing so. Having her at the end of whatsapp is also a great support.

Anonymous, Modi'in

I had been googling cervical mucus for many years and thought that I really understood the difference. Now that I have completed the course, I REALLY understand what is going on in my body. I love being aware that I can use the method to avoid pregnancy.

Anonymous, Modi'in

I have really enjoyed learning about Fertility Awareness with Annette at her recent workshop. I have learned so much about my body that I can't believe I never knew or noticed before! This information has really empowered me to be aware of what is going on in my body and given me a lot of comfort that I KNOW what is happening inside of me without a medical test. I hope to be able to use this information going forward to be aware of my body's natural rhythms.

A.N., Modi'in

I participated in Annette's Fertile Signs workshop and I felt like I learned a lot about myself and my body. I received answers to all sorts of questions I had that I had always just been told "this is the way it is".  The course was presented in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, each person could participate and share only what they felt comfortable with. Annette was endlessly patient to listen and answer questions. In addition to the theory, we were also able to practice analysing and interpreting different fertility charts in order to recognise different situations. The course gave me important information that every woman should have and I am sure that I will continue to benefit from it in the future.

Yael, Modi'in

Feedback from Arvigo clients

I booked my first Arvigo treatment out of curiosity. I had not had a period for a long time and I felt that I needed something to help connect back with myself. The Arvigo massage treatment was much more than I had expected and the combination with reflexology was perfect in my opinion. During the first treatment, I felt a release of stuck energy in a very gentle and pleasant way.I felt like Annette touched me in all the right places. Apparently for years I had been going to the wrong kind of massage!!

Lihi, Modi'in

I came to Annette after having a growth removed from my uterus. I wanted to prevent scar tissues from the surgery. The treatment was very pleasant, super feminine, warm and attentive. It felt like floating in a soft warm cloud. My first two periods after the treatment were different. My uterus felt different, more relaxed and like it had released something that had been stuck there for a long time. I do the self care massage every evening. Since the treatment my period is easier, my stomach is softer and hurts a lot less since after the surgery. I think that every woman needs to recognise and experience this therapy. Every woman has some kind of complicated relationship with her uterus, her sexuality, her yoni (vagina) and the healing of this area is so powerful and meaningful. I recommend Annette’s treatment to every woman who has irregular periods, painful periods, fertility issues, etc.

Maya, Modi'in

I went to Annette for treatment because of very painful periods and general stress.

Her treatments (Arvigo and reflexology) relaxed me and there has been a significant reduction in pain when I get my period.

I would recommend Annette’s treatments. The self-care treatment she taught me to do at home lets me relax and connect with my body. This time out itself is helpful in addition to the massage which touched all the right spots. Really effective and worthwhile. Thank you!

N.C., Modi'in

Feedback from Reflexology clients

The treatment was a huge treat. I had never had reflexology before. Annette has a very caring manner and explained the treatment to me before we began. I had a very blocked nose and after the reflexology treatment I could finally breathe again! I am looking forward to returning to her again because I felt so good after the treatment. I highly recommend her.

Alana, Modi'in

The first time I called Annette for reflexology, I could not sit up. I was in so much pain (all over) that I was crying. After an hour treatment, I was able to work again! She was able to do more for me than prescription pain killers. I cannot recommend Annette enough.

Leah, Modi’in

If you are looking to de-stress and pamper yourself then treat yourself to one of Annette's reflexology sessions. A great way to relax and be fueled with new energy. Highly recommended."

Renee, Modi’in