Pregnancy is about transformation.

Each part of your body is adapting and changing to meet the needs of growing a new baby. 

Holistic therapies support your body as it transforms, easing the process of mental, physical, and emotional change.

Get the support you need as your baby grows and your body changes.

Pre-natal massage and reflexology can begin before pregnancy and are safe for all 3 trimesters, helping with tiredness, nausea, heartburn, and muscle ache, as well as reducing the risk of miscarriage, and increasing emotional well-being.

I also offer Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage specifically for pregnant women helping encourage optimal positioning for the baby, decreasing back pain, and getting labour started.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start receiving treatments during pregnancy?

You can receive massage and reflexology to support your well being from even before you know you have conceived right up until the birth (and beyond!).

During the first trimester, healing therapies help reduce anxiety and physical discomfort, and can increase the likelihood of a full term pregnancy.

How often do I need a treatment during pregnancy?

If you have a particular health issue during pregnancy, you may benefit from regular weekly or every-other-week sessions.

During a more typical pregnancy, you can benefit from treatments once a month increasing during the last trimester, to help you reach your due date at your best physically and emotionally.

I’m feeling scared and overwhelmed. Can you help?

Using creative visualisation and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) exercises, you can reduce and release these fears and then decide how you WANT to feel during the birth.

I also custom-blend Bach Flower remedies to deal with special emotions you may be experiencing such as fear, lack of confidence, or impatience with others.

I can’t lie on my back for more than a few minutes. How will I manage an hour long treatment?

You’ll be able to lie on your side with lots of pillows to support you. You’ll feel so comfortable you may even drift off to sleep!

I am overdue and they are threatening to induce me. Help?!?!?

I believe that babies arrive when they are meant to and due dates are a guideline only. I find a combination of Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage and reflexology usually get labour moving as long as your body (and baby) are ready.

How much do you charge?

All my pricing information and how to book is here.

Client Feedback

I thoroughly enjoyed my prenatal massage with Annette. Not only did it provide me with a much needed opportunity for relaxation, but it helped improve my sore and aching body as well. She was gentle and very aware of how to approach a prenatal body, and I felt quite comfortable in her care. Annette’s treatment definitely enhanced both my physical and mental well-being!

K.K., Modi'in

I was having a difficult pregnancy with my twins and I came to Annette for reflexology. She helped me cope with all the changes in my body. I looked forward to her treatments every week. I wouldn’t have survived my twin pregnancy without Annette’s healing hands.
Naomi, Modi'in

I look forward to help making your pregnancy enjoyable

and supporting you towards an easy birth.

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