Pain killers

Usually the first conventional medical approach if pain exists is to use pain killers to stop the pain. You can ask your doctor for recommendations and see what works best for you. Numbing the pain is a temporary solution as it doesn’t treat the underlying cause of the pain.

Depressing the menstrual cycle

Many women with endometriosis are advised to take the birth control pill (and other hormonal options that depress the menstrual cycle) as a way of controlling the hormones that cause the endometriosis to grow and react 

Again, this is not a real solution to the issue but for many women this is an option that allows them to manage the symptoms of endometriosis. 


The only real way to determine if you have endometriosis is via a surgery called laparoscopy. During the procedure the surgeon makes several small incisions in your abdomen and inserts a tiny probe with a camera and light which enables the surgeon to see what is going on inside your abdomen on a screen connected to the probe. If they find tissue that appears to be endometriosis, they will take a small sample to test it.

If your doctor finds endometriosis during the laparoscopy, she may be able to remove some of the tissue growths during the procedure. They are usually cut or burnt out with laser. 

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