Flower Essences

I discovered flower essences many years ago and I have used them for personal and professional use ever since. 

The healing power of flowers and water

Dr Bach, who first developed the Bach Flower remedies in the 1930’s in England was a medical doctor and an intuitive man who spent a lot of time in nature. He discovered the healing power of the dew on flowers while spending time in nature and went on to develop a way of replicating the healing power of the dew by placing the flowers in bowls of water in the sun or boiling them in a pot on the stove. Each method allowed the healing energy of the flower to imprint on the water. The water was then preserved in brandy and used as a mother essence.

The healing power of water and flowers is also part of the ancient spiritual and emotional healing from the Maya tribe in Belize. I learned these healing techniques via Rosita Arvigo and her teachers alongside the abdominal bodywork that makes up a large part of my work.

אנט גרין רפלקסולוגיה מודיעין
אנט גרין רפלקסולוגיה מודיעין

Flower essences restore the balance between mind and body 

Flower essences aim to gently restore the balance between mind and body by releasing negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred, and indecision which may be affecting how you feel. When we gently release the negative emotions we allow feelings of peace and happiness and the body is free to heal itself. While I do occasionally treat clients only with flower essences, in most cases I incorporate them alongside other healing treatments. 

Dr Bach’s dream was flower remedies in every home

Today, there are many different ranges of flower essences including Israeli Flower essences but Dr Bach was the first to develop the idea of modern flower essences and a way to make them widely available to the public. In fact, it was Dr Bach’s dream that every home in the UK would have a box of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies available for use for different emotional states and feelings that arise.

What can Bach Flower Remedies and other flower remedies help with? 

Flower essences are all about helping balance out your emotions and emotional states. Let’s take anger for example. Sometimes it is necessary to be angry however if we feel angry a lot of the time, that is going to affect our daily lives and the lives of those around us. We may find ourselves making poor choices and making life more difficult for ourselves because of our anger.

What if we can find a way to feel anger in a healthy way when necessary but most of the time to feel calm, relaxed and accepting?

Flower essences can help when you feel down, fearful, angry, confused about what path to choose, lonely, despondent and much more. 

Using flower essences is a bit like peeling an onion. We work on the outer layer of feelings and emotional states, as that clears other emotions and feelings will emerge and then we’ll choose different essences to support that process. Slowly, layer by layer we release the negative emotions in order to allow you to feel better. 

אנט גרין רפלקסולוגיה לנשים מודיעין


How do you use Bach Flower or other essences?

I choose approximately six essences I think will be appropriate for you and prepare a small bottle for you to take home. The bottle is mostly water, some brandy to preserve the water and a few drops of each flower essence. Flower essences work energetically so only a small amount from the stock bottle is necessary. 

Take 4 drops directly into your mouth at least four times a day. Ideally, once in the morning, once in the evening before you go to sleep and two other times during the day. I encourage you to take it more than four times a day if you want to. Listen to your intuition. 

If you forgot to take the essences during the day, as soon as you realise take a dose, set a time for 15 minutes and then take another dose. Continue until you have taken four doses. However, it is MUCH better to take them several times throughout the day.

How can I remember to take my flower essences every day?

If you work from home, find a place where you will see them several times during the day. Eg next to the kettle so you’ll remember each time you make tea, near the couch you sit to read or on your desk where you work most of the day.

Set a reminder on your phone. 

If you work out of the house, take a dose before you leave for work and then take them with you so you can take them during the day and again when you return home. 

If you work out of the house but don’t want to take the bottle with you, make sure you take two doses at least 15 minutes apart before you leave for work. You can leave them on your bedside table, take them as soon as you wake up and then again after you’ve finished showering and getting dressed. 

Once you find what works for you, stick to it as much as possible. I always joke with clients that the remedy only works if they use it.

I’ve taken the remedies for a couple of weeks and felt they helped but now I don’t want to take them anymore or I started forgetting to take them.

If you really were in the routine of taking the essences and then you stop sometimes that can be a sign that the remedy has done it’s job and now it’s no longer relevant for you. In this case, throw the bottle out and when we meet again next time I can prepare a new bottle for you.

How many flower essences can I take at once?

I like to choose up to six essences. Sometimes when you read the descriptions of the various essences there can be a feeling that you need all of them! I usually start with the biggest issue you need help with. 

For example, often my clients will be dealing with a health issue and will feel despondent that their health will ever improve or that they will ever get pregnant, so I’ll choose remedies that can help them feel more positive and optimistic. 

If you’re experiencing a lot of fear, I will prioritise essences that release fear because that is probably holding you back from feeling better.

What is Rescue Remedy and how is it used?

Rescue Remedy is the most famous of the Bach remedies but it’s actually a blend of five different Bach Flower Remedies. Rescue Remedy was created by Dr Bach to help people cope with emergencies, crises and other stressful situations especially when you don’t have time to select individual remedies. 

Use Rescue remedy AFTER a stressful event – a car accident, a fall or injury, an argument, receiving bad news, etc. 

Use Rescue Remedy BEFORE a stressful event like giving a speech, your wedding, an interview, an exam. 

Rescue Remedy can help you relax, get focused and feel calmer.

I think everyone should have a bottle of Rescue Remedy in their bag and in their house ready for emergencies. 

If you’re dealing with recurring or long term issues, you are better off choosing individual essences to support healing. Rescue Remedy is fantastic for emergency and high stress situations but the other remedies are useful for a more holistic approach. 

How to use Rescue Remedy:

Take 2 drops directly in your mouth or in some water. Keep taking it every 5-10 minutes until you feel an improvement. You can also rub it on your pulse points if you can’t or don’t want to take it internally. This is actually a great way to give it to a tantruming toddler without them knowing. 

Can I use flower essences during pregnancy?

Yes. Using flower essences during pregnancy is a safe and gentle way of dealing with any worries or concerns that can arise during pregnancy. More and more research shows that the mental and emotional health of the mother impacts the health of the baby.

What kind of reaction can I expect from flower essences?

Flower essences work gently in most cases and you’ll feel an improvement around the issue you are working on. It could be subtle like more understanding and compassion around the issue or it could be a real change in your emotional state. Since we are peeling away layers of emotions, sometimes a different emotion will come up. This is normal and a good and temporary situation IF you continue to do the work and take the appropriate remedies. 

I’m a holistic therapist and I am here to help you!


I love helping women to overcome their fertility challenges and other issues related to your cycles, pregnancy, periods and/or anxiety. 

I treat women with abdominal and womb massage techniques known as Sobada (formally the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage) and reflexology.

I’m also an Advanced EFT Tapping practitioner and I work with women in particular issues around anxiety, depression, stress levels. 

I teach Fertility Awareness to help women better know their bodies and improve their chances of conceiving or prevent pregnancy naturally.     

I live in Modi’in, Israel and that’s where I spend my days helping women during their fertile years, pregnancy, menopause and other hormonal conditions. Bodywork sessions (massage and reflexology take place in my clinic in Modi’in but EFT Tapping sessions and Fertility Awareness education can take place online or in person).

Learn more about working with me here.


I’d heard of tapping for years and became interested in it. It was so much more than I expected. I feel a physical and emotional relief. My anxiety reduced greatly. 

Thank you so much for the tapping session. I look forward to doing it with my kids and as a tool for myself in the coming weeks. Thanks again. 

Hi Annette, Good morning, I’m just now finding time to write to you after the treatment a few days ago. It helped me sooo much. I can still feel the tapping on my skin. It felt so releasing and in the moment when it started to become difficult again on my own it really helped. Thank you so much. 

Tapping helped me so much! It really helped me clarify what I want.I feel so much better and so much calmer. Thank you, Annette.

Annette introduced me to the world of tapping and it helped me realise how much I can help myself to release and relax. Annette is a master!! She helped me connect to the good inside, to change my thinking and start thinking more positively. The tapping we have done together has been so powerful. I am only a few months pregnant and for various reasons it has been very stressful and there have been a lot of fears that the pregnancy may not continue. Annette has helped me connect to my baby even under these difficult circumstances and help me feel calmer and more confident about the future. 

Tapping was new to me before I tried it with Annette. Expressing some of my negative thoughts while tapping helped me release them and then find more positive thoughts. I feel like I found a tool to help myself on a day-to-day level. I’m so grateful for this work we did together. It’s profoundly impacted myself and my family and I use it often.  

It’s been really surprising how powerful tapping is and how deep the tapping gets, really fast. I feel like I “tapped into” some of my core issues and dealt with them in a really powerful way. The treatment was very focussed and practical which I didn’t expect. Thank you, Annette.

I feel relaxed and confident in myself and my ability to do things and usually I am scared or worried. My confidence grew quietly while we were tapping. Your gentle approach and quiet voice accompanied me and I am so grateful. 

Adina, Modi’in

EFT Tapping arrived just when I needed it. Annette helped me to peel away layers of protection and to release things that were weighing me down. After the treatment, sometimes I felt immediate relief and sometimes I felt tired and it took a bit longer to process the feelings and let them sink in. But in the end I always felt how each treatment helped me to move another step forward in my healing and to melt things that were weighing me down. Besides that I also learnt an amazing tool that I can use by myself in challenging moments and that is an amazing gift.

Mira, Modi’in

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