I met Annette after an operation for endometriosis and before returning to fertility treatments.

In the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect from the treatment. I was a month after the endometriosis operation and I really wanted to get pregnant. I have a background of recurrent miscarriages and a fear of returning to the fertility treatments.

Annette really helped me emotionally especially with making decisions about what to do as well as helping me prepare my body for pregnancy.

About a month after my first treatment with Annette, maybe even less, I felt ready to return to fertility treatments and I conceived. Now I am 16 weeks pregnant.

I continue my treatments with Annette approximately once every two weeks. It helps me significantly especially because of my background with miscarriages.

It is always a pleasure to come to Annette. I can say that I always leave her treatment room feeling like a new person with lots more energy. I went through such a journey with Annette. I came here because I couldn’t get pregnant. During the process of healing a lot of pain, I fell pregnant and gave birth to a wonderful son.

I came back to Annette again after the birth for some peace and quiet and an hour to myself once a week which allowed me to feel more present also at home.

Annette is a wonderful person. She is so present and is wonderful at holding space and she brings healing in a simple and easy way which is really amazing and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

I feel like every woman needs a space where she is able to heal herself and give herself an hour of peace, quiet, love and for me Annette is the perfect address. A huge thank you and so much appreciation that I came to you and gave myself these treatments.

Sveta, Rehovot

Dear Annette, there are no words to thank you and appreciate you enough for everything you have done for us. Because of you we were able to bring life to the world and we will always be so appreciative to you. Wishing you and your family a wonderful year with blessing, health, happiness and joy.

Ya’ara and family, Modi’in

I went to Annette for treatment because of very painful periods and general stress. Her treatments (Sobada and reflexology) relaxed me and there has been a significant reduction in pain when I get my period. I would recommend Annette’s treatments. The self-care treatment she taught me to do at home lets me relax and connect with my body. This time out itself is helpful in addition to the massage which touched all the right spots. Really effective and worthwhile. Thank you!

N.C., Modi'in

I went to see Annette because we had problems conceiving. I really enjoyed the treatments, especially her kindness, her true desire to help and her optimism that we can succeed. Arvigo treatments are the best. As a result of the treatments my period has stabilised and we are ready for the new baby 🙂 . I’ve already recommended it to a couple of friends who have fertility problems. I think that the chances are high and it’s not painful and absolutely natural.

Elena, Modi’in

Annette, I came to you after a recommendation from a friend because I was feeling stressed about not falling pregnant. After two treatments I was pregnant! After each treatment, I had a feeling of energy, relaxation and quiet.

Naomi, Modi’in


I came for treatment after being diagnosed with adenomyosis. I was suffering from pain all the time and I was so discouraged. The treatment allowed me to express myself, my difficult feeling and at the same time feel much better physically. 

Annette, thank you so much for the support, for listening and your kind words. I really enjoy coming to you. Thank you for helping me not to feel discouraged and to feel more positive.


My dear Annette, the treatment with you was great. Physically – relaxing and releasing and also emotionally I feel like I have a place to unload everything that is weighing me down and then feel so much lighter and more optimistic. When I come to you, I also feel like I am doing something to improve the endometriosis which worries me a lot. I am hoping with your continued help it will continue to improve.

Neta, Modi’in

I always look forward to coming for treatment with Annette. I have seen a big reduction in endometriosis related pain and side effects. I feel like the abdominal massage and reflexology has helped me recharge my body to feel like new again. Annette is amazing and has magic hands. Thank you so much.


Hi Annette, I wanted to share with you that I have been thinking a lot about the year that has passed since Pesach until today. Last Seder night I was experiencing extreme pain all over my body and before the last day of chag I came to you for a treatment for the first time and left with a really really good feeling.

I am so happy with everything I received from you in the past year – physical treatment that touched especially where it was needed, emotional guidance that also touched exactly where it was needed and in general I feel like you are a life teacher and a source of inspiration. 

I am so happy that I met you, almost by chance (or actually not by chance at all). Thank you so much. Happy Passover.

Update from two months later: pregnant naturally without returning to IVF. 

Adina, Modi’in

I came to Annette about half a year ago in the middle of a terrible endometriosis attack with extreme pains that lasted for several days. Even at the end of the first treatment I felt a reduction in pain. For several years I have tried various types of alternative treatments and never experienced anything that helped like the treatment from Annette. 

Since then I have been going to Annette once every week or so. After many years of taking the contraceptive pill continuously because of endometriosis I stopped the pill in order to get pregnant. I was terrified the pains would get worse once I stopped the pill. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have any painful endometriosis attacks  when I stopped the pill. I had also made changes to my diet with the help of a dietician who specialises in endometriosis. The month after I stopped the pill I got pregnant naturally.

Annette is sensitive, professional, pleasant and very exact in her treatment. I am so happy I came to see her. I warmly recommend her to anyone with endometriosis, it was really life-changing for me. 

Rinat, Modi’in

I came to you a year ago in pain and sad without any tools to effectively deal with my medical situation (suspected endometriosis). It has been a journey. From treatment to treatment I feel stronger and learned to treat myself. Thank you so much for everything, Love, Noam.


The treatment for me was a safe space. One one per week that I know is just for me. Connecting to my body and thoughts, to my breath and my heart beat were a gift to myself. 

Especially in a person like Annette it complemented the experience not just in her impressive experience and her dedication but also her pleasant manner and lack of judgement. She always succeeded in sending me home with a great feeling and new ideas. 

The physical sensation and also emotional and mental at the end of each treatment was perfect. The scent of the oils sent me back many generations to the period of time when people were more connected to nature and to themselves and helped create an indescribable calm. 


I don’t understand how the treatment works but it just works. As someone with endometriosis, from the first treatment I felt an improvement and relief from symptoms and with time it just kept improving until I no longer worried about pain each time I expected my period. 


Even with the attempts at getting pregnant, which was not easy and included fertility treatments like IVF, Annette’s treatment helped balance my body, to be calm and optimistic and even to enjoy the process. Annette was also like a life coach about different life challenges and always advising me well. Thank you for everything!!

Rotem, Beit Shemesh


I came for treatment at Annette Green’s for help after several miscarriages and I had no idea it was possible for such a change and such amazing improvement in my menstrual cycle. The bleeding changes from so painful that I had to take painkillers each much to an easy period which felt so much lighter and healthier, the bleeding was much lighter than before and I rariely have to take paint killers or rest too much when I get my period. I recommend womb massage to everyone! It improves your period, feels great, it’s relaxing and pleasant. 

Limor, Modi’in

I want to bless you my dear and loved Annette with the best blessing that it’s possible to request. I hope that you will continue to spread your light in the world and help more and more women. Only your clients can understand how much you give of your heart and soul in every treatment, how much you are special and devoted and professional. There is no way I can thank you for how you have helped me during my journey. You are one of a kind! I can’t wait to come back to your loving hands because a practitioner like you is for life. 

Orit, Modi’in

I have been seeing Annette for the last several years for headaches, stress management and sinusitis. Recently our focus has been my menstrual cycle after suffering from severe PMS, menstrual pain and heavy/long menstruations. After only a few visits, Annette’s reflexology treatments have reduced the pain, intensity, and duration of my periods. Annette has always displayed impressive knowledge, empathy and kindness. I feel at ease and welcome in her presence and always look forward to my next treatment. Thank you!

Noa, Jerusalem

Hi Annette, 

I want to thank you. Since I came to you in January until now (May) I have not had the ovulation pain that I used to experience every month for the last few years. 

I don’t know what you did but you are magic. Thank you so much.


I was having a difficult pregnancy with my twins and I came to Annette for reflexology. She helped me cope with all the changes in my body. I looked forward to her treatments every week. I wouldn’t have survived my twin pregnancy without Annette’s healing hands.

Naomi Pelled

I thoroughly enjoyed my prenatal massage with Annette. Not only did it provide me with a much needed opportunity for relaxation, but it helped improve my sore and aching body as well. She was gentle and very aware of how to approach a prenatal body, and I felt quite comfortable in her care. Annette’s treatment definitely enhanced both my physical and mental well-being!

Kinneret, Modi'in

Coming for a treatment ( Sobada, abdominal massage and reflexology for pregnancy) with Annette was the perfect thing to do before I gave birth. To stop and listen to my body and give it exactly what it needs so it will have the strength to do what it knows to do best. I highly recommend Annette at all stages of pregnancy and in particular the last month. I can’t wait to come back after the birth.


I did a series of treatments with Annette during pregnancy and close to my due date. Annette is amazing! This treatment is not like any treatment or touch I have ever experienced. It’s an energetic treatment, Annette’s touch contains her heart and soul and it’s felt strongly. 

The treatment is full of sensitivity, in choosing the oils that are suitable for me and especially for me and especially for my needs, everything is carefully and emotionally. Annette listened to my personal story, gives tips, contributes from her extensive knowledge and gives an amazing feeling and encourages a deep connection of the body and soul. I strongly recommend treatments at Annette’s to every woman. It’s an amazing energetic experience!

Update: I gave birth on Sunday afternoon. We’re home now and everything is great thank you. It was a very good birth, long – 12 hours, but the labour kept going the whole time and I was patient that my amazing body was capable and that the contractions would continue gradually and the birth was amazing. 

Einat Kasif, Modi’in

I came to Annette’s clinic to help get my body and mind ready for my son’s upcoming birth. In her treatment room, I found such caring and competent hands, a relaxing and serene environment and pure healthy pampering. I felt so ready for the birth of my son and had more confidence and less anxiety that everything would go smoothly. Thank you so much, Annette!

Shira S

I would highly recommend Annette for reflexology treatments. I have been to many different people and find hers superior by far. The first time I went was for pleasure and to release some stress from everyday life. I continued to go through my last pregnancy. It helped relieve a lot of the pressure on my feet and keep me relaxed. The treatment room is clean and comfortable. I look forward to each session and am never disappointed.



I’d heard of tapping for years and became interested in it. It was so much more than I expected. I feel a physical and emotional relief. My anxiety reduced greatly.

Thank you so much for the tapping session. I look forward to doing it with my kids and as a tool for myself in the coming weeks. Thanks again.

Hi Annette, Good morning, I’m just now finding time to write to you after the treatment a few days ago. It helped me sooo much. I can still feel the tapping on my skin. It felt so releasing and in the moment when it started to become difficult again on my own it really helped. Thank you so much

Tapping helped me so much! It really helped me clarify what I want.I feel so much better and so much calmer. Thank you, Annette

Annette introduced me to the world of tapping and it helped me realise how much I can help myself to release and relax. Annette is a master!! She helped me connect to the good inside, to change my thinking and start thinking more positively. The tapping we have done together has been so powerful. I am only a few months pregnant and for various reasons it has been very stressful and there have been a lot of fears that the pregnancy may not continue. Annette has helped me connect to my baby even under these difficult circumstances and help me feel calmer and more confident about the future.

It’s been really surprising how powerful tapping is and how deep the tapping gets, really fast. I feel like I “tapped into” some of my core issues and dealt with them in a really powerful way. The treatment was very focussed and practical which I didn’t expect. Thank you, Annette.


I feel relaxed and confident in myself and my ability to do things and usually I am scared or worried. My confidence grew quietly while we were tapping. Your gentle approach and quiet voice accompanied me and I am so grateful.

Adina, Modi’in

EFT Tapping arrived just when I needed it. Annette helped me to peel away layers of protection and to release things that were weighing me down. After the treatment, sometimes I felt immediate relief and sometimes I felt tired and it took a bit longer to process the feelings and let them sink in. But in the end I always felt how each treatment helped me to move another step forward in my healing and to melt things that were weighing me down. Besides that I also learnt an amazing tool that I can use by myself in challenging moments and that is an amazing gift.

Mira, Modi’in

Tapping was new to me before I tried it with Annette. Expressing some of my negative thoughts while tapping helped me release them and then find more positive thoughts. I feel like I found a tool to help myself on a day-to-day level. I’m so grateful for this work we did together. It’s profoundly impacted myself and my family and I use it often.


Wonderful Annette, 

I came to you when I was in a lot of physical and emotional pain and from the first treatment you changed my world and returned me to life. Thank you for the warm and loving touch which was exactly what I needed. Thank you for listening and holding space for me. You are wonderful and unique. I always look forward to your treatments with baited breath. Thank you so much. 

Ilana, Modi’in

Dear Annette, there are no words to describe how much you have helped me. I am so grateful for you and everything you have brought into my life.

My dear Annette, the more I know and experience your treatments, the more I really feel your dedication and love for what you do and give. And you give a lot just by being you. In your quiet manner and the way you have of listening to the body. I thank you for everything. I thank G-d for getting to know you, it has been a great privilege. My body also thanks you. You are one of a kind. I love and wish you a happy and sweet new year and may you continue to do good and have a good impact on the world.

Shula, Modi’in